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    Low speed stall-gctid389276

    I have a 1983 2850 CB with a volvo AQ260a engine. Been a good engine, runs good since having a Mallory distributor installed some years ago. Long all day runs, no problem.

    I was taking it over to the gas dock the other day, this requires some low speed running, after about 15 - 20 minute it stumbled and stalled. Drop the hook, check the distributor cap, no water, I've had that problem before, start it up, seem fine, pull up the hook and start to move, stalled again. Well, I'm upset now. Sit there for a few minutes then start it up and just let it idle. After about 25 minute is just stopped. Dang!! Boat US to the rescue.

    I decided it must be electrical, changed the only thing that was older than 5 years, the ignition coil. The old one had a crack, so the figure that had to be it. HA!! Ran it at the dock, figured if it would idle for 30 - 40 minute it was probably good to go. Nope, about 25 minute it quit again. Made an appointment with the local boat yard and took it in. The engine ran fine at planning speed the 3 mile to the shop. That was good

    Now the shop calls and says it runs just fine, the can't find a problem WTH I'm I to do?? I'm hoping someone here may have a good idea or two. I am thinking about taking to another shop, this one has been good for years, so I would think they are good as anybody in the area. Anybody have an idea?


    Do you have points ? Also, how about your fuel pickup...does if have a check valve and if so is it functioning?


      Sounds like a fuel problem to me.

      Is the engine fouling when running at low RPM's ???

      Might be running rich at idle, and fouling the plugs. You mentioned stumble

      Do you get some black smoke when its idling. That is one of the first signs.

      Could be a stuck choke valve as well.

      Other problem could be the mechanical fuel pump (if you have one ). Does it pump enough fuel at low rpms.

      Good luck