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  • 250A timing gears-gctid388491

    I'm freshening up the exterior on a 250A from a doner boat (PDS bearing, seals, belts, tightener, etc) before installing it into the 2260 I picked up (had a blown 171A). Can someone fill me in on the (square) toothed timing belt wheels on the cam and intermediate? The ones I removed are pitted enough that I'm uncomfortable reinstalling them. They are different from each other in looks but the diameter and tooth count are the same, as is the shaft bore diameter/pin relief. Parts book shows them to be different but stamped part numbers are not to be found. All that to ask, depending on used replacements I can find, can they be interchanged? If not, what differences do I look for? Thanks

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    There are the round tooth and square tooth types. As long as you stay with all of one type or another they are supposed to fit..boat or car...however...

    Keep in mind the crank snout changed dia's small to big along the years so whatever you have on the crank is probably what you need to use on the engine. Make sure the timing dot on the cam gear on the car version matches that of the marine gear, and remark if necessary. They are not timed the same and you can end up a tooth or two off.