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boat leveler trim tab problem-gctid388085

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    boat leveler trim tab problem-gctid388085

    so after years of owning this boat i finally got the trim tab pump to work. now the only problem is when i hit the switch it will run for 5-10 seconds then the fuze blows. could it be i have to small of a fuze in there? its the old school in line round bus fuzes and ive just been putting in what ever ones i have laying around. anyone know the corect size fuze for this? or would it be something else? it is a 1986 2450 ciera and i pretty sure this is what came with the boat. the motor just says boat leveler on it so im assuming thats the brand. thanks Dave

    If memory serves me, some of the old Boat Leveler systems were powered from the helm switch via the long harness.

    This means that due to the distance of the power run to/from the unit, there will be a voltage line loss.

    Undersized, and/or compromised circuits will lead to reduced voltage, and increased amperage.

    Amperage is what blows fuses.

    Pull all harness connectors apart (there's bound to be at least one).

    Clean the contact pins.

    If the unit power supply circuits are not healthy, re-wire them..... and do both the Positive and Negative circuits.

    I'll bet that this cures your issue.

    Rick E. (aka RicardoMarine) Gresham, Oregon
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      The correct size fuse is 20 amps.

      2850 Bounty is spot on with his comments, I would add to carefully check the "boat side" connection for the black negative wire. I have found this to be the source of most issues like yours on older systems.

      Tom McGow

      Bennett Marine
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        Boat Leveler is now Insta-Trim:

        You should be able to find all the parts info you need at their site.