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Speedometer barely registering on dash-gctid386626

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    Speedometer barely registering on dash-gctid386626

    I am barely getting a reading on my speedometer. Sometimes i'll get something, sometimes not, but it never makes it above 20MPH, so i'm guessing there's a block somewhere since i get some reading. I checked the pitot on the outdrive and there doesn't appear to be anything there unless it's really lodged in the back. I traced the tubing from the speedometer to the point it goes through the transom at the outdrive. It looks like the tube is only kept onto the speedo and the transom fitting by zipties on each end. Has anyone removed the zipties from each end and blew air through the line? I'd think I could just re-ziptie it to each end of the tube after, but was checking if that's all there is to keeping the tube connected/stopped from leaking out before i tried it. If that doesn't do it, the clog must be somewhere between the outdrive/transom connection and the pitot on the outdrive, which would be more of a pain to figure out i'm guessing.

    thanks in advance...

    just be aware that these speedo's are the most reliable part on a boat and always function the same (NOT!). When I redo my gauges there won't be a speedo any more as the only way to measure speed is with GPS. The speedos are guesswork at best.

    There can be multiple reasons why they don't work. Clogged or kinked hose is one but I have seen them rusted inside too as there's a direct connection to the water.....


      I smacked a stick 4 years ago; no big deal. The speedometer has never worked properly since. I'm certain that a small piece of wood ended up inside the drive, and while I've probled the inlet, I can't seee anything. The speedometer will slooooowly rise to the correct speed and when I slow down, it sloooowly goes back to zero.

      You may have something similar happening.

      The only reason I would consider fixing it is that the pitot speedometer registers 50mph at full tilt, while my GPS says 46.
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