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    Is there a way to make it come onto a plane at a lower speed??
    Large hydraulic tabs are the only way you're going to accomplish satisfaction with this. We did a lot of wakeboarding behind our 2455, always full tab, drive trimmed in. For people with a Bravo drive there's a really simple no-cost mod you can make to gain additional "in" trim which helps. There might be something similar for your outboard, I don't know.

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  • 2850Bounty
    I agree with Jeff on points 1 and 2.... use point 3 at your own risk!

    Trim the outboard all the way in.

    Hydraulic trim tabs are not often found on small boats like this.

    However, if you want full control of the tabs, you'll have to go hydraulic..... Bennett for example.

    Smart Tabs may work, but you have no helm control over the position of the planes.

    It may also help if you were to prop down while wake boarding.

    1 prop for crusing.... 1 prop specifically for wake boarding.


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  • Jeffw
    Easiest: Trim the motor all the way down.

    Next easiest: Install trim tabs.

    Next to impossible: Tell wife to hang on, she's gonna go faster...

    Welcome to the BOC!

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    Trim issue-gctid345799


    This is my first ever post, so let me know if I'm doing things wrong.

    I brought my first ever boat this summer. A 17 foot '95 Capri 1700 bowrider with a '95 125hp Merc outboard.

    My question is,

    I feel that the boat needs to get onto a plane at a slower speed. For example when I'm pulling my wife on a wakeboard and the boat gets onto a plane, it's too fast so i slow down to a speed that comfortable for her and the nose comes up and it feels like I'm struggling through the water.

    I then increase the trottle and as it comes onto the plane again, she wants it a bit slower.

    Is there a way to make it come onto a plane at a lower speed??

    Thanks for your time


    Central Otago

    New Zealand

    Yes, we are in the middle of summer here now.