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    After having my 1998 2355 out a couple of times i noticed that it list to port alittle. It seems that all the weight is on that side. The batterys, stove, sink ,fridg, and all the seats I'm thinking of moving the batterys to the starboard side. Is there any problem with doing this?

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    My 2355 does that a bit, I just trim it to ride flat. One thing to keep in mind if you fill your water tank and if you have a holding tank on the starboard side then you have the potential of having a lot of the big weight on the starboard side so it may list that way. I find i have to adjust to where we store things and where my wife sits.
    1997 2355
    5.7 liter Alpha 1 Gen 2

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      As equiped mine listed to port slightly, I beliebve for all the same reasons you listed above-all those heavy items on the port side. When I added to my house batt bank, I added the batteries to the starboard side. This seemed to be the perfect offset and now my shower drains fine with me in it! (the drain is to the starboard side of the shower pan but the shower itself is located on the port side of the boat).