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2002 trophy stbb list-gctid385999

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  • bhawes
    There's the obvious; battery placement, are your in deck fish lockers carrying water on one side and not the other. I know on mine, the starboard fish locker will fill up and leave the port side empty in any kind of rainfall. It's almost impossible to keep water out of these things, just learn to live with it. Is your bait tank drained (it's on the starboard side), Is there any gear stowed in the cuddy that might affect this? Do you have a kicker mounted on the starboard side, and I guess lastly, is the 150 mounted in the exact centre of your transom. The battery, if it is mounted on the starboard side, can easily be switched to the port side, and although it doesn't seem like much, it will make a difference.

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    Guest started a topic 2002 trophy stbb list-gctid385999

    2002 trophy stbb list-gctid385999

    I just bought a 2001 (2002) trophy with a 150 mercury. Love the boat, rides nice and handles a chop well. Just one thing, when the boat is dockside it has a very noticable stbd list. I can not seam to find a reason. Any one else experience this problem. thanks