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    What sterndrive do I have-gctid385445

    Hello, I am back . Appreciate the info regarding my eariler post. My question now is exactly what sterndrive do I have. Here is what I know ( or think I know). Believe it is an AQ280. The boat is a 1985 Bayliner 2850 Contessa CB. The power is VP 350. I have looked ( a lot ) in the net and found numerous articles and diagrams of drives. One site show the VP engine and drive and appears to look like mine and it says it is a AQ285A, yet when I check the VP engine/drive site , it does not reco. this config. The boat is docked, so looking at the drive is kinda out and no paperwork and the like came with the boat. I hope I am asking this correctly . One concern is if I can run drive ( in gear) while trimmed up slightly, identifing the drive should help there. Any input , or info would be greatly appreciated. Hope to add pics and the like soon. Have a good and safe holiday to all.
    Raymond 14
    1997 3388ES
    twin merc 350 inboards

    The AQ designation pertains to the engine. Example: AQ260 refers to the Aquamatic 260 hp GM V-8.

    When the AQ is followed by 260/280, the last digits represent the drive.

    Example: AQ125/270 = 125 hp OHC 4 cylinder with the 270 drive.

    The AQ260/285 is a V-8 ratio only..... no difference between the 285 and the 280.... only the ratio and the tag numbering.

    In 1985, the 290 PT drive was not out yet.

    Unless you have the 280 PT, there is no trim.... only a mechanical Lift Out device.

    NOTE: There is NO reversing while the drive is lifted up.

    However, under low RPM only, you can very carefully move forward when tilted up just slightly.

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    Rick E. (aka RicardoMarine) Gresham, Oregon
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