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How do I remove the rub rail on my 1983 3270?-gctid385222

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    How do I remove the rub rail on my 1983 3270?-gctid385222

    I want to take the rub rail off (the entire rail -- rubber and metal mount) so I can caulk the seam where the deck meets the hull. It appears as if the rubber strip may pull out to expose the screws...what's involved in putting it back in?

    Has anyone done this?

    Is there a source where I can obtain a new rubber strip if needed?

    100T MMC 2307794

    If you pull the rubber insert off you will see screw heads which are held by nuts on th opposite side. The big work is getting to the bolt heads from the inside. If you buy rubrail from taco they also sell a video on how to replace a new rail
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      I removed the rub rail insert,wire wheeled and chalked around the screw heads and run a small bead on both sides of the rail on the outside.I wanted to do the same but all screws were to coroded to remove,big job.