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Bow light (red/green) bulb replacement-gctid385214

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    Bow light (red/green) bulb replacement-gctid385214

    I noticed that my red light is out up on the front of my boat. What kind of bulb does it take? Can i get one at an auto parts store? I guess i will replace the green side at the same time.

    i believe it is only one bulb in there

    it lights up both sides of the lenses

    it was like that on my buddies 1998 2855

    i cant remember what the bulb was though


      Best thing to do is pull the old bulb(s) and get new of the same type.


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        Per the coast guard regs, to be legal you will need to replace it with a like bulb. Identical units can come with different bulbs, so you really need to pull your old bulb out and get matching ones. Changing both at the same time is a good idea. Keep the old one for a spare. I keep a miscellaneous collection of bulbs AND fuses that are on my boat. It has been very handy numerous times.


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