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    Need Opions!!!-gctid384214

    I have a 1995 185 Capri with a mercruiser 4.3 ltr carberated engine and a Alpha I gen II outdrive.

    I had a rebuilt long block installed about 4 years ago. Ever since the repower the noise from the engine bay always seemed louder.

    I am planning to replace the gimble bearing this year along with all the bellows. After doing some reading, I am concerened that it maybe the engine coupler.

    The noise is constrant, wheather in neutral, reverse or foward.

    Any Ideas ?

    What indicators should I look for, for a bad or mis-allined engine coupler?

    Thanks for your help in Advance !

    The coupler is just a metal housing with a spline imbeded in rubber I dont thing it would really make noise unless its already failed and even then I dont think it would make any noise. There is also a u-joint inside just behind the coupler it could be that. It will generally make more noise when its turn hard to one side or the other. The u-joint is always turning.

    Was the engine properly alined when it was installed?
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      thanks yahtman:

      I was thinking about changing the universal joints while i was in there anyway.

      Are these u joints available at most parts stores or is there something special about the one on the output shaft?