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  • 2050ss 5.7L bog issue?-gctid383915

    Morning folks!

    Just put the boat in the water this weekend at the cottage.

    The mechanic recently did a tune-up last week (plugs, wires, ignition coil, distributor cap and rotor).

    Upon releasing the boat from the trailer, i puttered around a little, make sure everything ran fine and got to operating temp before opening it up.

    Later that day, we loaded people in the boat for a evening cruise on the lake, i was at about 3/4 throttle when all of a sudden i started to lose power and slow down. I did i sharp left turn to head back to the cottage so none of us were stranded. During this turn you could hear the engine gaining momentun again. I dropped the trottle to wot and the boat hesitated and did nothing.

    I opened the engine bay to look into it. nothing seemed out of place..plug wires didnt slip off, cap didnt move causing any type of timing issue (that i know of).

    I decided to try it again...i started the boat and noticed a "blue cloud trail of fumes/smoke"..thinking it was just gas in the carbs burning off.

    i reverse, neutral, than drop the throttle, the boat go to MAYBE 20mph before hesitating again.

    i also notice at idle it had a "shutter" feel.

    Any ideas / thoughts / comments ?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.


    BOAT: 1997 Baylienr 2050 SS

    Engine: 5.7L / 350 / V8

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    check your water seperator .... water in gas?


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      Apparently the mechanic had told me we have a faulty ignition switch....hopefully thats the fix?


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        changed ignition - still same issues.

        One thing i noticed, is when i accelerate and the boat actually slows down, is that my battery volt meter gauge goes all whacky - very low voltage is where the needle points too -- is this possibly an alternator issue?