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  • Windlass just clicks-gctid383665

    Hi BOC,

    First time this season wanting to use the windlass and all I got was a clicking noise. After investigating, the chain was extremely tight and had to break loose with the manual release, but still do not have any power going to the motor. Seems to me that a solenoid could be bad.

    Question? Not being mechanically inclined, where do I begin without having to spend 100's on labor and not replace the whole unit...

    Help me please... Oh and want to be out this coming weekend for Memorial Day of course...

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    Basics- check your fuse/breaker panel, and check for any popped breakers. Next, check the connections and wiring from the windless back for anything loose/corroded.


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      I pulled mine to find it was full of water. :-( It was also clicking. My clicking game from the solenoid in the engine bay, not from the windlass itself.



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        Yup, solenoids click. Disconnect and clean all connections, verify voltage at the solenoid.


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          If the windlass motor armature has become corroded, it may act like a starter motor that hasn't been used for a while.

          Sometimes tapping on the motor case, while the soleniod is activated, does the trick. It's well worth a try.

          If the Windlass motor is vertical, don't be surprised if you were to find it wet.

          Simpson-Lawrence pulled their Sprint 400, 500 and 600 because of this.

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            Hey all, Quick Fix...

            Captain of boat not to knowledgeable I guess...

            We track the power source all the way back to the engine area and realized that the 80 amp circuit breaker was tripped. There is an indicator light that read "Power On" which was lit the whole time. I tried to press in the breaker and it moved a little but no click in or out. So thinking it is bad I gave it an aggressive push and "CLICK".

            So the indicator light doesn't mean anything when it is lit, so guess what wire got snipped in all this?

            The Mechanic who winterized my boat must have popped the breaker and never told me when I dewinterized. Note to self press hard next time...

            Woohoo Windlass Works Now... Just feel Dumb in front of my buddies who helped me discover this Monday Night...