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    electrical issue/question-gctid383544

    Have a 2005 222 Classic with mercruiser 5.0 I/O and have been having an intermittent issue where ill do something like go to trim the engine and everything shuts off no power at all, its not just doing that also went to beep the horn did same thing. If i disconnect and reconnect the battery cables it comes back and everything ok (so far). Is there a complete "shutoff" or "cutoff" switch or something that gets reset by unhooked/rehooking the batteries? Any info is much appreciated.

    wow no responses? i thought this would be a common issue


      On first boat the factory connect the battery ground to the flywheel shield cover. It was plastic. When the shield cracked it the battery ground came loose. When I would turn on any other load everything would quit. Check for a bad ground.
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        will do thanks so much!


          aerostern wrote:
          wow no responses? i thought this would be a common issue
          I got crystal ball failure. . . .

          Can I suggest that you add the details of your boat to your signature. Model, year, additional equipment, modifications etc.

          IMHO Most electrical system failures are caused by the harsh marine environment and come down to corrosion, shaken connectors and wiring. Once you start to get this sort of problem it is usually a good bet to go over all the wiring (especially the wiring in inaccessible places) and visually inspect the wire for dodgy connections, corrossion and blackening of the conductor.

          NB always replace any dodgy parts with very high quality marine parts. All connections need to be well made using the proper crimping tools. Automative parts will fail within a season. Also, make sure that all circuits bar automatic bilge pumps are fused.

          Good luck

          Terry (Retired Diving Instructor and Part Time IT Consultant)
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