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    Water in gas tank-gctid383337

    2007 deck boat 197d. Water in fuel water seperator twice in two weeks. How can I gat water in my tank. Changed o ring on gas cap. I buy gas from huge marina. 4.3 merc io

    How was the boat stored during the winter? Fuel conditioner should be added before winter storage and the tank left as full as possible to reduce the amount of condensation that will form. If that was done, look for other culprits. Possibly contaminated fuel at the dock, or wherever you fill up. I once was taking on water from my fuel tank vent tube which was angled downward close to the bow. Whenever I was in heavy water and the bow dug in, it forced water up the vent tube, into my gas tank. It took me a long while to figure that one out. Regardless, you have water in your fuel tank, and you need to get it out. You can either do it yourself by draining the tank (taking all necessary precautions), or hire a company that specalizes in polishing your fuel. They will pump it out, remove all the contaminants, and return the good fuel back to your tank. You definitely do not want to leave any water in your tank. It will shorten the life of your tank, and cause you more of the problems that you are now having.
    Bob Hawes.
    Kelowna, B.C.
    1998 Trophy 2052 WA
    4.3 Vortec, A1 G2


      thank you bhawes, the tank was half full, stabilizer used, stored covered in my driveway. Had the same issue at the end of last season.


        Your fill neck cap was the first thing to look at. If the gasket/O-ring is good, you should be OK there!

        Next...... look at the fuel tank vent fitting hose. This hose must have a high loop in it as to help keep water out.

        Any children helping Mom/Dad wash this boat?

        Kids love to aim the spray nozzle at the vent fitting, making it a target.

        Rick E. (aka RicardoMarine) Gresham, Oregon
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          Plus one on the vent.

          Years ago my dock partner had a 28' Owens. He always had water in his fuel tank.

          He accused the marina of having water in their fuel but none of us had that problem.

          He tried everything to find it. He installed a huge filter/separator and drained it often.

          One day it was raining. I happened to be on my back deck and looked at his boat.

          The water was running down his deck, over the transom in an arc, hitting the transom right on his tank vent. There was a screen over it to prevent bugs but it didn't stop water.

          I said, Randy I know where you are getting your water in the gas.

          We put a 1/2 moon cover over the vent and he never had water again.

          Started boating 1955
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            2850Bounty wrote:
            look at the fuel tank vent fitting hose. This hose must have a high loop in it as to help keep water out.
            The vent hose on my 1998 2052 Trophy has a high loop as mentioned in Rick-s post. The hose runs from the vent fitting, then uphill to the under-side of the gunnel, approximately 3" above the vent fitting, then downhill to the fuel tank. Your vent hose should run a similar path. IMO the top of the high loop above the the vent fitting should be at least 2" above the vent fitting on the side of the boat, 3" or 4" above the vent fitting would be better if you have the space available.


              My vent is not on the side of my boat. I have a vented fuel cap. Thanks for all the replies. Good people out there.