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  • 245 Bayliner ignition problem-gctid383308

    We have a 2004 Bayliner SB, 5.7 L, 250hp, Bravo III - Started engine, ran great and noticed alternator not charging batteries, so I replaced with a new alternator and went to restart engine and nothing happened, not even the alarm BUT all accessories are powered, checked all circuit breakers, checked fuses, checked circuit breaker on engine, tried starting with battery 1, 2 and both, still not turning over. Assumption is bad ignition or faulty ignition or faulty kill switch, not sure?? Need advice and guidance if you can help!

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    Linked fuse at the starter. I had this scenario after installing a battery backwards. Very easy change out and relatively inexpensive part.


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      It is possible for the boat to have some corrosion resulting in a non-connection. This may be what killed your alternator.

      Power up the boat and trun on the key. look for 12V on all the purple wires and at the large terminal on the alternator, an orange wire (I think).

      if there is no voltage at the orange wire, DO NOT start the engine.

      Buy a digital voltmeter



      Learn to use it. Its one of the best troubleshooting aids ever made.
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