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Trying to locate 90 amp fuse/no power to front-gctid383035

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    Trying to locate 90 amp fuse/no power to front-gctid383035

    my husband was hooking up the battery on our 2005 175br and accidentally crossed the wires. There is no power to the front of the boat but the hydraulic lift still works for the motor. After some research we learned it's most likely a 90 amp fuse, but we can not find it. Any input would be appreciated.

    Ive no idea what exact setup you have but if in fact there is a 90 amp fuse(thats a BIG fuse and would not have any small wires between it and battery,so you will be looking very close to battery.) a likely place to look for it is right at the starter. Sometimes there is a fusible link/fuse or whatever you want to call it,and its attached to the large lug on the starter,same one the battery cable is attached to. If you do find it you can test to see if its dead by jumping a wire around it(very temporarily) to see if things come back to life.Dont permanently bypass this fuse without some serious investigation,since it will have been put there for a good reason.


      We may be of more help if you post more information about what boat you have??
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        2005 17' has a 3.0 merc with a gen 2 . Sometimes the alt. goes. When the battery wires get crossed. Sometimes the ground lug gets burned right off.

        You should have a big red button on top of the starter push it. If that didn't do it then reset all the breakers. Still not fixed ?

        Ok disconnect the battery again, have the battery tested, then follow the ground wire to the main ground on the block take off the ground and look close at the cable ends. Clean and re-install.

        Follow the positive cable and at every connection look to see if the end got burned off.
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          The 90 amp fuse is usually mounted right on the starter terminals. It is about 3/4" square. After you replace it all should work. Check your alternator after the repair. Start the engine & see if the gauge indicates charging. Ypu can alst touch a screwdriver to the rear end of the alternator shaft & it will be magntic if it is charging.