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Removing mid cabin cabinet 285-gctid382967

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    Removing mid cabin cabinet 285-gctid382967


    There is a cable duct running from in front of the batteries, behind the mid cabin cabinet, galley and to the bow.

    Problem, it is blocked by sealant to protect cables from chafe behind the mid cabin cabinet.

    I tried removing the screws that I could access but there must be more. How do I remove the cabinet so I can expose the duct at floor level behind it?





      What year is it?

      We have a 2011 and I have had the top part of the cabin it off. Not the lower sink area.

      I'll look again tomorrow to see how I did it. I believe that I took out the sliding plexi glass.

      There are two screws to remove angle irons. After that you will see the rest of the screws

      from behind.


        It's a 2004 model-year.

        To clarify, it's the cabinet that holds the electrical panel in the aft cabin. (Sorry, wasn't sure to call it an aft cabin or mid cabin...)

        I removed the top and, behind the power panel, found / removed two screws going into the forward wall. I also removed a screw where you hang clothes, pointing aft. However, the whole unit remains stuck and I don't know where else to find the remaining screws.

        Maybe I have to remove the white panel at the back / against the hull of the hanging area?

        I need to get wires going forward however my plan of using existing ducting is just about scuppered because of the amount of silicone they injected into it... I don't want to go in there with a tool or something to remove it, for fear of damaging wires in a rather unaccessible place...