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  • Stiff stearing - 1st time out this season-gctid382965

    195 classic

    Took 6 total out last weekend on the delta for the first time this year. Weather was great, water calm.

    My issue was the steering, felt like I was driving my old pickup without power steering. It was like a truck turning that beast. I don't have hydraulic steering but unless I got very weak since last year, seems to have really tightened up.

    Other than that, was very surprised as to how things went. I charged the batteries, added some treatment to the gas, prior to filling up, and with only three attempts, started right up and ran fine all day. We covered maybe 15 miles of water, back and forth and such for 6 hours. It used 10 gallons of gas.

    Any suggestions?

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    Try lubing the cable, and have you greased up the linkages and all that goes with it.

    Directions for a Throttle and Shift Cable Oiler

    You need a foot and a half of 3/8 ID reinforced plastic hose from Lowes, a tire valve, three hose clamps, a tire pump or small 12 volt air compressor with a gauge, and some MMO (Marvel Mystery Oil), or other light oil.

    Shave the tire valve down and clamp it in one end of the hose.

    1. Remove the fittings from one end of the cable.

    2. Put 3 inches of Marvel Mystery Oil in the hose for every 20 feet of cable length.

    3. Double clamp oil filled hose over cable.

    4. Apply and maintain 50 PSI of air to the tire chuck. DO NOT EXCEED 50 PSI.

    5. It will take 10 to 30 minutes for oil to appear at the other end, then your done. Have rags to catch the oil if your in a sensitive area.
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      Had to laugh. Your list of what to get sounded like something from a "McGyver" show!



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        Well took the boat to a more "local" shop. He has been there since '78. Right away felt good, both about a local shop, (don't like doing business where I can't talk to the person doing the work), and the place was a working shop, very organized, clean and lots of boat in various stages. Had to make an appointment three weeks out.

        When I took it in, he had it done by the next morning.

        He pulled the steering cable, cleaned reoiled, in addition did the same for all the rest, throttle cable, bearing caps, and fixed my anchore light socket. He said the cable had not been done in quite awhile, and for sure not in the last three years.

        Total cost $135..

        It's not the money, but the trust as a major factor for me, as I am not able to crawel around as much as I used to.

        Said when I bring it back for next service, he will replace water pump impeller, and the rest of the required items.

        Love it when I find a person that is honest, does what it needed, and pays attention to detail.

        The other shop used to be good, then it got sold, and the new owner has mostly high end ski boats and does not get off the stool.

        The boat now steers like a champ.