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  • 2850Bounty
    I think that you'll be OK. If the speedometer works...... then you're good to go.

    Sometimes the hose will come loose at the speedometer, and if you were to run it, the hose pukes water into the boat.

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    Guest started a topic Pitot Tube Question-gctid382782

    Pitot Tube Question-gctid382782

    Last fall when getting my boat (175 Bayliner) ready for the winter I, like a fool, shot some air into the little hole on the leg and heard a pop. Not wanting to know what I had done right away I left it till this spring. From on-line searching I discovered that I had blown the Pitot Tube hose off where it attaches to the leg. I simply put it back on, but now am wondering whether there is any damage I may have done to the connection. It seems to be on fairly securely, but I am not sure if there is much pressure on this attachment to blow it off while in transit.

    Look forward to any advice that Boaters can give. Yes, I will not be shooting any air into this hole again (lol).