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2003 Bayliner 219 shifter removal-gctid688829

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    2003 Bayliner 219 shifter removal-gctid688829

    I am trying to reupholster my 2003 Bayliner 219 Rendezvous and need to remove the side panel cushion that is behind the shifter. I've tried to remove the throttle and have not been able to figure out how. I removed the two plastic trim pieces and was able to remove the center transmission disengage pushbutton. I removed three bolts that appeared to secure the throttle to a metal back plate but the throttle would not move away from the housing. Can anyone explain how one proceeds further? I would appreciate any help that anyone cares to provide. If this info is needed to determine the type of shifter, the throttle controls a 5.0 Mercruiser (carbureted) with Alpha drive. I would be happy to attach a picture of the unit if you need it. Thanks for your help.

    P.S. If anyone can explain how this panel is attached to the sidewall, that would be helpful also. I've been able to remove all remaining cushions but this one has me stumped.

    P.S.S. I just discovered that the shifter is a Mercury/Quicksilver Remote Control, part number 8M0011213

    Hi All. I am new to the forum and realise this is an Old Post, But....

    have a similar issue. I am not so much interested in the Throttle removal as the cushion removals. mine are well faded and need recovering but can not see how to remove these.

    The Left side Arm Cushion like-wise is proving difficult with the rear bottom corner apparently fixed to the glass with no means I can see to remove it. the 3 Upper bolts are free but it does not remove.

    If Anyone is experience with removing these side cushions, i would love to hear from you.