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    Bad oil leak-gctid380322

    I have a 1987 Ciera sun bridge 2455 with a 5 liter GM engine and cobra outdrive

    My problem; I have a leak (bad) by the fitting for the dip stick that goes into the bottom of the oil pan. I have tried to tighten but it still leeks. Can I remove the oil pan to fix without removing the stern drive and lifting the engine???

    If I do have to remove the outdrive and lift the engine I am thinking about replacing the outdrive (getting rid of the cobra drive) and working on the engine maybe new cams for more power.

    Anyone have any recommendations can I remove the oil pan without the above procedure

    Without seeing it, it's almost impossible to determine if the pan can be removed without pulling the engine. You alone have to discover if you have adequate access and room to remove all of the bolts, and be able to drop the pan far enough to clear the crankshaft. But, if you have room to get at the fitting, why not drain the oil, and then remove the banjo fitting completely to find the source of the problem. It may be as simple as a missing washer, or worst case) damaged threads. Damaged threads are not as easy to repair, but if you have room to get at it, you can buy a kit that contains an insert (once you drill the appropriate sized hole) that will give you new threads for the (new) fitting.
    Bob Hawes.
    Kelowna, B.C.
    1998 Trophy 2052 WA
    4.3 Vortec, A1 G2


      If you are referring to the dipstick tube which inserts into the engine block via compression fit and allows the dipstick to reach into the oil pan area you wouldn't need to remove the pan. Try pulling the tube out of the block and clean it up or replace with a new one. They are tapped into place and can only be inserted or removed by pulling upward.