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    Yeah I know it can be welded but there are some problems

    #1and finding some one qualified to do a good job to do it.

    #2 he finding some one do it and that is qualified.

    #3 how much.ia that going to cost.
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      The other option is to replace the fuel tank altogether, instead of getting it modified. Moeller has a HUGE variety of tanks that might work. Sure, you'll lose some capacity, but it is a small price to pay given the alternative. The only drawback I can see would be if the tank is built into the hull and glassed over, which might make it a royal pain to remove. Once the tank is out, the possibilities are endless. He could even consider two tanks.


        Without a doubt the tank can be modified,a qualified welder knows how to do this. Not all welders want to but Ive had tanks moded several times without a prob finding a welder to do it.Buying or building a new tank could also be considered....Pretty well any option is better than what is there now.


          found a nice pump in my barn, should work,,good has new impeller...

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            bradner wrote:
            found a nice pump in my barn, should work,,good has new impeller...
            Good one!

            I see Jabsco on it.... send it to me, and I'll go through it for him.

            If this tank modification could be done, and done safely, this is more along the lines of what I was thinking.

            A small section modified only, in order to maintain as much capacity as possible, yet give good access to the crankshaft pump.

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