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  • never overlook coroded connector as culprit-gctid380018

    Spent this winter on a variety of upgrades. However, I put fresh non-ethanol mid-grade gasoline (10 gallons) into my tank that I drained and let the engine run until it quit ... so I felt confident of having fresh fuel. When I went to start her up (after remembering the kill switch after a few cranks), she did not start. So, figuring it might take some doing to get fuel up to the carb (this is a 5-liter 305 CID Mercruiser on an alpa ... year 2000), I rigged a temporary direct line from my trolling battery to the switch for the electric pump and ran it for awhile then checked to see if the carb would squirt when I pushed the throttle a few times. Meeting visual success, I reconnected the permanent coupling to the pump. She started immediately but shut down after less than a minute. I repeated this three times before I was convinced something else was wrong with fuel delivery. Looking closely at the connector, I saw green ... cleaned the connector thoroughly and retried. Good to go!

    I am writing this while I enjoy the sound of my engine running smoothly at idle while hot water drains down my driveway. Just thought I'd pass along my lesson. Have a good year, guys & gals!

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    Hope you put some sort of corrosion inhibitor on the connector to help prevent future corrosion on that connector.


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      I dip connectors in to Electrical grease befor reattaching them. Checked this year the grease bead is still in place and shiny copper on the wires beneath.

      That stuff is also great for attaching CPU heat sinks when you are building computers from parts.


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        Always look at your corroded connector as the culprit


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          myflies wrote:
          Hope you put some sort of corrosion inhibitor on the connector to help prevent future corrosion on that connector.
          I mentioned this to my wife as we pulled into the driveway last night. I am going to do so after I get the connector even more thoroughly cleaned.


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            I use Fluid Film to protect connectors. Actually, I use it to protect a lot of equipment. It's the greatest stuff. I've keep a can in the workshop, a couple in the garage, 1 on each boat and a couple in the barn for the outdoorsy equipment. I don't know how I went so long without knowing about it.It hangs on forever. If you chip off the underlying surface coating and expose bare metal, Fluid Film creeps over it again. Doesn't hurt paint or plastics. It's even food grade. And it smells nice and is good for your skin.I know, it sounds like I own the company. I'm just a very satisfied customer.