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    Changing the water intake hose-gctid379463

    EDIT: After some reading some on the net I have decided that this one is well beyond me. Read my question for a laugh if ya like but I have decided not to even try this one.



    I was told y'day that my shift cable boot and my water intake hose both need changing. (sorry if I am not using correct terms here - but I bet you guys know what I mean? ) I was told that the parts are inexpensive but that the labor is not, that the entire outdrive needs to come off - GASP.

    I'm toying with the idea of trying this myself cuz the repair will run about $600.

    Please don't laugh..... Necessity makes one do things they normally would not consider. This is quite possibly one of them.

    Now I am not going to ask HOW to do it - I will buy a manual. But I do have a cpl questions while I think this one thru & try to decide.

    My boat info is in my sig.......

    - is there heavy lifting involved? I fear the answer is YES,,,that is a show-stopper

    - will there be a lot of parts, especially small parts, taken off and laying around? No garage at my place, working under the sun on grass or gravel driveway

    - any special tools or equipment needed? I have basic stuff, including a big hammer

    - difficulty factor? Anything over about a 7 and I completely forget the notion of entertaining the option

    Thanks for any insight, but pls don't trouble yourselves with too much effort in a reply. This prob won't happen but it's worth checking into.



    PS - SPLASH in 4 days,,,,,,repair will come in a few weeks as failure is not expected right away. Yea, right!

    I have changed the shift cable and boot on a B3 drive. You did not say if you are changing the cable. If you can slip the boot over the end of the cable without removing it it will be easy but if the cable must be removed you will need a special tool to reinstall the cable correctly. The shop manual will indicate if you must remove it and what the part number is for the special tool. Mine was about $30. The water hose on a B3 drive requires a special tool to connect it at both drive and the transom. It's cheap but on the transom side inside the boat it may be difficult to get at. It is on a 454 motor. The only heavy lifting should be the drive and thats not very heavy. There are not a lot of loose parts to keep track of. If you go to the Long Island boaters club web page the have a vidio that shows how to pull and reinstall a B3 drive and the Alpha drive you have should be similar. There are also vidios on Utube that show drive removal. I did this myself just by looking at Utube vidios and using the shop manual so you should be able to also.


      Sarah, if this is on a the drive side, they may be talking about the short hose that connects the Gimbal Bell to the Gimbal or Transom Housing.

      This short hose section would be included in a kit that you can purchase.


      I'd not have this alone replaced if you also need to do a gimbal bearing, drive shaft bellows, engine coupler alignment, etc.

      Two/three/four birds with one stone!

      If on the engine side, they are talking about the hose that leaves the Gimbal housing, and runs forward to the T-Stat housing.

      That hose requires nothing special to replace it.
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