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    Blowing fuses-gctid378857

    Please HELP!

    I have had a mechanic working on my boat for hours and hours.

    He determined that starter wire in harness was shorting and not giving constant power.

    He now has wired in a complete new ignition wire from ignition straight to starter as well as a new wire from command bridge that is tapped into new wire from main down below

    Originally he told me my solenoid was hooped so we replaced with new one

    He could fire up the boat with a jump directly from battery after replacing solenoid

    After we ran new wiring the boat had started but he had some foil around the fuse

    We tried to start the engine after putting in 15 amp fuse andit started.

    He tells me that we have bypassed a safety howerever that allows boat to start while in gear and after hours of painfull diagnosis , i am just happy we got it started

    Next day before hiring boat move , i wanted to see if all is good

    Once again, cranking seems to be week and motor then blows fuse.

    I replaced fuse , and now soon as i turn the key on, it will blow fuse again

    With a wire run directly from ignition to starter, he cant figure out what could be the problem.

    I am no mechanic but, after replacing solenoid, shop that did it did a so called bench test with a piece of wood trying to stop starter and it had good resistence he said.

    Once again mechanic at boat said starter should be fine because when he jumped it direct to battery it had full cranking and started right away

    Please any suggestions would be helpfull!

    Thank you in advance

    PS. It is a 2958 Bayliner command Bridge with 305 gm OMC

    Sounds like you may have some corroded wiring going to the starter. I would check with a voltmeter at the starter while cranking. I would also find a different mechanic, this one doesn't seem very smart.