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    Water from front-gctid378815

    I have a 1992 Baylinder 2655.

    My rear bilge is dry but there ist some little whater coming throught the tube (under the gas tank) which connects the rear bilge with the front bilge.

    I put a cloth into that tube from the rear side and it is slightly wet after 1-2 days from the side which sticks within the tube.

    Water pressure has not been turned on yet since putting the boat into the water ofter winter storage.

    * I checked the area under the stepdown, where the front bilge pump und the pump for the water system is.

    All dry there.

    * Also from the bow (anchor, etc.) there is no sign of water getting to the rear.

    Does anyone have an idea where the water might come from ?

    Last year I had a leaky Alpha One Gen 2 tramsom (steering lever) and quite amount of water in the rear bilge.

    Had the transom replaced during winter and the rear bilge is all dry.

    Is there a possibility that some water got to the front of the boat during winter (on the trailer the bow was slightly down) und now back in the water some water makes its way back from a water pocket (e.g. underneath the gas tank) ?

    take care, Tom

    Has it been raining in your neck of the woods? Windshield window corners are the areas of leakiness on my 1988 2160 and would be located behind the front bilge pump on my model.

    However I can see the intrusion in the cuddy of feel some wetness.

    Good luck chasing it down.



      it hasnt been raining for a while.

      When we took the boat out of winter storage und the bow cam a little bit up I have seen

      some water coming through the tube from the boat front side.

      take care, Tom