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Where is the bilge pump? 99 Capri, 1950-gctid378272

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  • Where is the bilge pump? 99 Capri, 1950-gctid378272

    Bilge motor runs when I hit the switch, but there's nothing being discharged. Pretty new at this 'boat stuff', but pretty handy out of the water. Does anyone know where it is in relation to the motor compartment? I don't know if I need a new one or if this one is plugged up somewhere. Is it possible for the avg joe to replace this? 1st I need to find it though... thanks for any help

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    It should be located directly under engine and yes the average person can change it . first maybe there isnt enough water in bilge to pump. or it is possibly plugged check this before you change it out.


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      As the previous poster said. It is directly below the engine, usually screwed to the centerline of the bilge floor.

      There are a few reasons it may not be discharging:

      1. No water in the bilge to discharge;

      2. Pump is blocked - if it's a "Rule" cartridge model, you can turn the pump head anti-clockwise and pop it out of the pump housing and clean it up;

      3. The hose may be disconnected - check the hose runs from the pump to your through hull.

      If you've checked the above and are still in doubt, best advice is to replace with a new pump. This is pretty easy to do, even for a complete novice like myself. Also, if replacing, go for as high a pump rating as you can. I think the Bayliner stock issue is 500GPH. Go for 1000GPH or higher if you can and invest in a float switch hot wired directly to your battery positive terminal (bypassing any battery switch). This makes your pump fully automatic.

      Don't worry if the above sounds a little complicated. Once you have purchased the right parts, the included instructions should be pretty clear.