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    Caulking aroung outdrive?-gctid378055

    3 more days till haul-in...I'm a little anxious to say the least

    Anyway while cleaning up my new to me 91 2655 I noticed a poor caulking job around the out drive (Alpha 1) is brittle and falling off.

    Couple of questions:

    1. This seems suspicious to me, I would think the any sealant required would be applied during installation with a gasket?

    2. Either way the PO did this for a reason so I want to redo it, and hope for the best, what the best product to use?

    Lastly I have some screws holding the camper-top frame and snaps that have pulled through whats the best way to repair?

    Thanks in advance

    91 2655 would be a Merc. The sealing gasket will be within the outline of the Gimbal housing.

    As far as I know, NO sealant should be required around the perimeter.
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      2850Bounty wrote:
      91 2655 would be a Merc. The sealing gasket will be within the outline of the Gimbal housing.

      As far as I know, NO sealant should be required around the perimeter.
      Unless he has a rotten transom. and the transom shield is up against a core with the hardness of jello, and water started to enter the engine compartment. So the easy "solution" is to apply a bead of calking around the transom shield. I would check your transom core, since this is a new to you boat.

      Sorry, I don't mean to take away from the joy of owning a new to you boat, but it is all too common for caulking to be applied to the transom shield to cover up a larger problem.


        Like others said, this was done either because the person was not very smart, or because he was trying to cover up a leak instead of fixing it. This never really works, and leads to transom problems.

        I take it you didn't get the boat surveyed/inspected? Sorry to say this on your joyous time of launch, but you should have an expert look at the transom for wetness. Better to catch it sooner rather than later, as it only gets more expensive to fix.


          There should be no caulk anywhere on our near the outdrive on an Alpha I installation.
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            Thanks for your replies folks, Haul-in was a success with no leaking, Although I ended up taking off all the old caulking and re-did it, I'm assuming it was some sort of preventative measure by the PO.


              I'm assuming it was some sort of preventative measure by the PO.
              That's a very poor assumption since it's not helpful in most cases; it simply doesn't last.


                I sadly concur with everyone who has posted. My cobra gimbal had caulking around it.

                In my case it I ended needed to do some work because of it. See my thread titled "transom repair". I'm mid-way through a transom replacement. :-(

                I don't know why but when I was replacing my gimbal, two marine mechanics told me to use 5200 sealant rather than replace the gasket. I think this must be common thinking. I chose to replace the gasket as the gasket in the gimbal was completely flattened. The gasket is available online for like $5 and the Adhesive M that holds it is also available for about $20. With a proper gasket, no sealant is required.

                Also read the post about the engine bay taking on water. I forget who posted it but that scared the heck out of me. Replacing the gimbal gasket does require removing the engine so I can understand not wanting to do it. I would make certain that the transom is before going forward.

                Best of luck.



                  There's a second problem with caulking. You end up with water stuck between the two sealing surfaces. That leads to rot once out of the water... also ice jacking if it freezes. Also, caulking masks more important leaks. If the transom seal is compromised... you wanna fix it right. No valid reason to glue a transom assy on a boat.
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                    Just sharing an experience. My PO didn't realise that you get a few drops of water in the bilge when it rained heavily. Consequently, the poor worried soul thought he had a transom leak and caulked. The sealant was removed and many years later there is still no leak.
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                      I agree with all the responses, believe me I wish I didn't find the caulking, but at this point after removing the old caulking and thoroughly inspecting the transom by lightly tapping with a hammer and using a moisture meter, that revealed no water saturation, I'm confident it's not and never was leaking. Also the out drive appears to be seated nice and snug against the transom with no gaps.

                      I used a good quality below waterline sealant and will risk manage this season and pull the drive in the fall and probably do the seal, bellows etc.

                      Thanks again for your comments


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                        Some boat owners should not be allowed to even own a chalking gun!


                          Good luck!! I think that since you are aware of the problem, you'll be able to watch for it. I would also take this opportunity to check your bilge pumps. That's what I'm doing now, coming up with a strategy for keeping water out in case I run into problems.

                          I will say though after using the hammer, I thought I had a sound transom. I didn't realize I had a problem until I started tightening the lower gimbal bolts. I couldn't get them to torque to specs. That led me to ripping apart mine. Hopefully you won't have to go there but if you do, it's not as bad as you might imagine. knowing what i know now, I would do it again.



                            ha ha, never mind boat owners, some people shouldn't be allowed to touch caulking period!!!