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    2556 windshield woes-gctid377936

    Well i've tracked down the pesky water leak.

    BL set the windshield in butyl rubber tape that eventually will dry and give you leaks. I found a local glass guy that R&R the glass but the "rubber" trim on the outside has shrunk, most likely due to UV.

    I've had a heck of a time finding the replacement material.

    The boat is a 2556 made from ---I think 87 thru 95--maybe. Mine is the original "Trophy" made only in 87.Later they called the model Cieria.

    Has anyone had to replace this trim and where did you find it?

    Terry US 503 310 1496

    If yours is put in place similar to my '88 2455 Ciera Suncruser it a common U channel rubber strip sold by the foot as weather striping at an RV parts store, or try JCWithney on line. But I'm surprised your windshield guy doesn't have it.



      just match up a cross section of your existing weather strip to get the right size as they have several to choose from . hope this helps.