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1988 bayliner trophy gas guage not working-gctid376836

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    1988 bayliner trophy gas guage not working-gctid376836

    I just bought a 1988 trophy 22.5 with a 120 force 2 stroke, the gas gauge is not working where can I find a replacement? any idea how large the gas tank is?

    Most of the time, the problems with the Fuel Gauge can be traced back to the wiring. It's a very simple circuit. Power from the ignition switch goes into the gauge. A wire goes out of the gauge, through the fuel tank sender. The sender needs to be grounded. Very often, the ground at the tank is bad. Sometimes, the power to the gauge is bad. Take a test light and see if you have power at the gauge when the ignition is turned on. Next, check the sender.

    [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/680342=27118-Fuel Gauge.jpeg[/img]The tank will usually have a label on it saying how much fuel it holds. Bayliner typically uses Faria Gauges, which can be found on Ebay. Fuel senders come in two sizes, Deep and Shallow. You will need to match your old sender to the new ones. Make sure you seal the sender well so you don't get gas leaks. Remember to attache the ground wire.Generally speaking, if you use the boat allot, a fuel flow meter is of more value than the gas gauge. It will measure how fast the gas is burning, and how much you have used already.


      The access for the fuel gauge sender is probably located under a deck plate, most likely in front of the motor well.


        how do you seal the sender?


          I`m from the Netherlands, so my English is not so good.

          I had a 1987 Bayliner capri with the same problem. The sender had a fault.

          There must be an electrical connection between the vertical part, where the moving arm is attached, and the round horizontal plate.

          In my case there was corrosion between them, and that is why the gauge did not function.

          So disconnect the wiring from the sender, remove all screws and pull the sender out off the gastank,

          carefull with the floating part, it nearly can pass the hole.

          The second nut, holds the two plates together, remove it and measure if the two plates have no electrical resistance.

          Good luck.