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    Changing the horn-gctid376753

    I have searched through the threads here and I see that changing the OEM horn seems to be an extremely popular topic. I recently purchased an all-stainless Ongaro horn that should work better than my OEM (which doesn't work at all - I tested everything, it's the horn).

    The new horn has a nice polished stainless cover that would (presumably) replace my stock white plastic cover. I looked inside the rope locker (as best as I could - bloody speaker covers are RIGHT in the way) and see two screws that hold it on, but from the outside - no screws. SO before I started digging around with a screwdriver and breaking plastic I thought I'd ask the experts here.

    What is the order of operations to remove the old horn, cover etc?

    Cancel that request.

    I think that white cover just snaps on. This is the one time I COULD have just started digging around with a flathead.

    I'm also not sure why I was trying to be gentle around a non-working horn I don't want.