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Raw water pump leaking?-gctid376091

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    Raw water pump leaking?-gctid376091

    I have a raw water leak that seems to be coming from behind my raw water pump. When I started the boat at home before putting it in the water with the flushing muffs on it seemed to take about five minutes or longer for the water to come out of the exhaust. When I put my hand on the raw water pump (back at home) it was almost too hot to keep it on there. I looked at the impeller and it looks ok.

    The engine temperature seems to be normal according to the gauge. It took me a while to realize that I had a leak.

    Has the seal in the back of the raw water pump gone out? Will it harm anything if I run the boat till the seal comes in?

    Guess I should replace the impeller and the seal. Am I on the right track here?

    Volvo Penta AQ120B.

    I have the aq125. Which is pretty much identical motor. I had the same problem last year. I was running it like that for few months. It did make my motor run little hotter then normal. There are few seals behind the raw water pump. The impeller seal and there is a rubber piece for the shaft key. If you go to they have the schematics there . I changed both of them and stop the leaking. Just be careful when u are installing the impeller housing seal. They are fragile. Use a price of flat piece of metal or wood to tap the seal in place. I have to buy two of them because I damaged it! At first I thought it was the water pump leaking. Btw the way it was an easy jib to do also. I had to change the tuning belt at the same . No that was a bigger job. Because I had to remove the coolant tank. But that wasn't so bad. Just have to remember how to put everythibg back together! LOL