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    Bottom Paint: Need time Advice-gctid375782

    Hi Guys,

    I need to bottom paint, but I need to be able to paint and put the boat in the water approx 2-3 weeks after itÔÇÖs painted. I know that most of the bottom paint instructions that I have read say the 12 to 16 or 24 to 48 hours to launch. Does anyone know of any decent bottom paint that I can use that I can go with that will allow me at least a 1 week to 2 week window. I am confused because there are paints that work from year to year when you skip a year painting the bottom and they still work, correct? Or am I missing something here? Anyone? Please?



    You are correct - we use the West Marine multi year ablatives and they stay active with long periods out of water as well.

    Each major brand has at least one of these as the West brand is made by Pettit.

    Hope this helps
    Northport NY