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One of many questions to come.-gctid375125

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    One of many questions to come.-gctid375125

    So long story short I no longer have a boat lift to use and I donÔÇÖt want to buy one because we donÔÇÖt own the house we are living in so, im going to end up leaving the boat on the dock all summer or pull it out after every weekend, which sucks because the house is maybe 20 foot from the waters edge. What I am looking for is ideas on how to secure the boat to a crappy dock for over night stays. My worst fear is looking out in the morning to see that the weather changed and my boat has been slapping the concrete sea wall all night or worse yet, heavy rains moved in and the only thing still sticking out of the water is the windshield. I have found a few used lifts but they are in the $1000 range and that seams a bit much for one season on the water. Any ideas on how to get this thing to stay put during poor weather?

    Second question is since I will be leaving it in the water at least a couple of nights a week I plan on putting in a secondary bilge pump incase she takes on some water. The question is how in the heck does one get all the way under the motor? I canÔÇÖt even touch the screws let alone try to remove them with a screw driver, surely you donÔÇÖt have to pull the motor out to maintenance the bilge pump? I have seen other posts where people have ran 2 pumps and im fine with that but I still need to install the second one somehow. Any ideas would be great and get your thinking caps on cause I have about a dozen more questions. LOLOL

    Mooring whips and lines.... such as these......

    or these.

    As for a bilge pump, leave the original, and add a much larger second pump where you have good access to install it.

    This pump does not need to draw the water all the way down.

    Power this pump with via a float switch from an Un-Interruptible power source.

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