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    Outdrive Shift Mechanism Removal-gctid375026

    I am trying to replace the shift mechanism seal on my outdrive. I have the housing off the drive and need to remove the pin but there is a rollpin holding it in. Heres the problem, the rollpin does not go thru the side like shown in online diagrams, it goes thru the bottom circled in red in the pic. How do i remove the rollpin so i can remove the pin to pull out the brass piece so i can replace the damn seal


    This is one of two styles. The spring pin shown in your manual would be perpendicular to the eccentric piston.

    You'll need a small .080" diameter by .755" shank punch to remove the spring pin.

    Just gently punch it right on through the detent pin.

    Here's the catch..... if the last person in there did not remove the previous spring pin, the current pin can't be removed! There's no depth for it in the bore.

    Let's hope that's not the case.

    Once removed, spray something like carb cleaner into the spring pin bore. It will dilute the oil film, and the pin can be shaken out.

    Use a new spring pin, and watch the depth that you set it to.

    NOTE: the new eccentric piston seal will be directional.

    Look at the instructions, as it's difficult to see the difference between IN/OUT.

    I use QuickSilver "Perfect Seal" on these... but a good sealant will work.

    If you have an old prop shaft spacer laying around, the ID of it is near perfect for a driver tool.

    Use the clean jaws of your bench vise and gently squeeze it into position using the spacer against the seal.

    The jaws will keep everything square.

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