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  • Starter problems?-gctid374895

    I have a 1988 Capri omc cobra stern drive. It's a 4cyl 3.0 liter engine and sometimes when I turn the key to start it nothing happens. Maybe after 2 or 3 trys it will turn the engine over. I was told the problem was in the starter but before I get into that is there any way to trouble shoot the system to be sure. Or should I just go ahead and replace it? I know its going to be a pain you know where but if I have to I will get at it. Any info on what to buy and where to get one would be a big help.



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    Usually those little 4 banger starters are fairly easy to get to; first take your positive post off your battery. Now loosen all electrical connections clean and grease up lubricate or spray with wd-40 and retighten. It could be a loose wire to a solenoid or your starter. Could be just a bad connection somewhere but now you'll know for sure. Reconnect battery and try again. Does your starter make any noise at all when it doesn't take?


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      No nothing at all thats why I wondered if I should start at the switch and work my way back. I can remember when a solenoid on cars used to act up they would make a noise and we used to tap them with something to break them lose. (That was a long time ago)


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        What i do is... disconnect the battery. Follow the neg cable to the main ground remove and clean, and re-install.

        Follow the pos cable. There is a slav solenoid. Remove from the mounting plate and clean the base and the plate so you get a good ground to the plate. Just follow the wires. See the main harness plug take it apart look inside see green then clean it out use a shot of electric grease or contact cleaner, it can be bought at any auto store or wally world.

        See the 2 main fuses, they are held thru a plate with metal clips take them apart look at the contacts.

        Clean the starter contacts.

        Your not done yet, the neutral safety switch on the throttle if the throttle is not in neutral for sure or the switch is rusted up your going to keep having the same problem.

        Oh i almost forgot shoot the key switch with a lubricate, and remove the leads one by one clean and re-install the leads.
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          Thanks for the info, as soon as it quits snowing I'll get started on it.