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Water system on 90 model Ciera Sunbridge 2655-gctid374630

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  • Water system on 90 model Ciera Sunbridge 2655-gctid374630

    I feel silly for even asking, but is there acess to fresh water tank on this boat? It appears to be under the floor at the base of the cabin steps.

    I cant seem to get the system to pressurize on its own. It acts like there is a leak on the suction side. A few spurts of water (good spurts) and lots of air from the system. Not sure if it just takes forever to bleed the hot water tank and all or what?

    New pump housing as the old one was broken. (PAR 4 MAX) Cleaned the filter/strainer.

    Pump seems to be having a hard time pulling the water up from the tank.

    When I overfilled the tank, water came out the vent, so that's not stopped up.

    I have commissioned fresh water systems before but this one seems to be taking forever.

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    Problem solved!

    After some careful re-reading and consideration, I realized that I left 4 (little tiny) rubber "ferrules" out of the pump housing rebuild.

    60 seconds later, MAJOR water pressure, hot water works, auto pressure shut off,

    BOAT SOLD to the first client to look at it, all in the same day!

    Life is good.

    (pump is Jabsco PAR MAX 4, Hi pressure wash down pump installed to pressurized fresh water system for better water pressure and great showers!)