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Identify that Noise! [Video]-gctid374165

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    Identify that Noise! [Video]-gctid374165

    I have another thread on this repair, but I wanted to post the actual noise here. I had been searching the net for something, anything that was a possible noise to narrow my issue down. I Decided to make a new post, incase some crazy fool like myself ever might want to do the same. This is either my u-joints or gimbal bearing, not sure which yet, leaning toward gimbal or both. I have tested with the drives in nuetral at idle at 1500rpm, all directions, tilts, no noise. This noise from the starboard drive only happens when in gear, turning the wheel hard over. Enjoy. NOTE: Might be a bit loud, turn your speakers down!

    This is what my drive sounds like normal, straight position

    Starboard drive turned hard over, you can hear the knocking.

    Port drive whining noise getting noticeable with hatch open. Kinda hard to hear with phone.

    Hi Ryan,

    Not sure if this is it or not but the whining on the port side engine sounds like the one I had. I sprayed some belt dressing and the noise went away for about 3 minutes :-).

    Replaced the belt and still had the noise. With the belt off I spun the alternator and could hear a faint whistling.

    Replaced the alternator and fixed the problem.

    Not sure if that is your problem though.





      I'm sorry to say, I can't identify it with the quality of the sound, but it sounds like $3257.98. Maybe new gimbal bearings on one side and u-joints on both.


        Hi Ryan,

        I listened to your videos and it didn't sound like the growl that occurred when I turned hard before I changed my gimbal bearing. But the giveaway is that you only hear the bad noises when you turn the drive. That points to components that are stressed when the drive is turned. That would be the u-joints and gimbal bearings. If it were me I would change them all out. Start with fresh new components and you should be good to go. The thing is if one u-joint or gimbal bearing is making noise you know the others are not far behind. Bite the bullet and change them all out.

        I have changed out both and it is very doable for the shade tree mechanic. You will need a press or big c clamp for the u-joints and a 5lb. slide hammer, and a gimbal bearing alignment/installation tool for the gimbal bearings.



          hehe those belts started a mild squeek about a week after install, it doesnt bother me though and I have spare belts just incase. Maybe I need to blast em with some hairspray

          So far todd I estimate about $400ish give or take 50 bucks, replacing these should be something I can handle.

          I did order new ujoints and gimbals for both, I have about an 8 hour window friday to replace it all when the boat comes out of the water for the night. I do have all the tools from my mechanic to do the repair, its good being the IT consultant for a marine service shop .


            Ryan, I agree.... it is very difficult to hear this via a video... and my poor hearing does't help any!

            However, if I were to take a stab, the second video sounds fairly typical of bad bearing crosses when articulated that far to Port/Stbd.

            Just for fun.... save the bearing crosses and bearing caps...., and keep the bearing caps with their respective trunions.

            Lay them out and look at the wear pattern.

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            Please, no PMs. Ask your questions on forum.


              Well hopefully it's closer to that $400 number


                This may sound a little crazy but my 2452 makes all these noises intermittently. What I mean by that is that after having thousands of pounds of repair work 5 years ago, including new drive joints, gimbal bearing and everything else that gets wrecked when the bellows fails, the drive train was still noisy as hell. Even with new u-joints and gimbal I still got a noise like a chinook hovering overhead when turning. And then some days the noise simply isn't there at all. After 5 years of worrying myself sick I gave up worrying. 100s of hours of running later it is still quite noisy at times and then quiet at other times.

                I don't know if that is helpful. I guess I am just saying that the transom magnifies all the sound and we percieve them by worrying ourselves sick. Sometimes over nothing.
                Terry (Retired Diving Instructor and Part Time IT Consultant)
                1998 Bayliner 2452. 5.7l V8 - Edelbrock 1409 4bbl - Alpha1Gen2 - Solent UK.
                MMSI 235061726


                  I hear ya terry, I know that when I bought the boat from john it made no noises at all. After being in the water this year, I remembered I had heard something last year but after 6months of sitting I forgot to inspect very carefully. Lesson learned.

                  Parts are in $426 bucks for all of them so not too painful. I will pull the drives and install them friday, I will update all of you saturday when shes done.


                    and so it begins... Results to come later, hopefully this resolves it.


                      Nice work bench. Git'er done.


                        burbans are multipurpose


                          Hey Ryan,

                          Easy on the paint job of the hood of the car!

                          Sounds like you'll have a busy 8 you have a helper?


                            I would not rush this job in to 8 hour window considering you have two out-drives to take care of. Too much pressure to get things done, you will inevitably run in to issues with stubborn bolt or two which takes time to soak with liquid wrench. Also, you want to take time and make sure each step in dis-assembly/reassembly is done correctly and everything is sealed well.


                              I can name it in 3 notes bob... lol

                              sounds like the washing machine here.. are you missing a kid knocking to get out of the engine room?.. maybe the admiral is trapped too.. j/k.... stick some marvels mystery oil in and see how she does...