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Installing FLoat Switch for Bilge-gctid373867

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  • Jeffw
    I agree with Jim's advice. I would lose sleep wondering if I flipped the right switch the right way. With the float switch wired to the battery directly, the only way it fails is battery drain.

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  • JimMc

    I am going to suggest a different approach.

    Wire the float to an uninteruptable power source (Battery). You want the float to be able to run the bilge pump any time it is needed.

    Then you add a helm switch that allows you to manually turn the pump on. But the switch does NOT disable power to the float. The float must always be able to power the pump.

    The Bilge Pump ON/OFF or ON/AUTO/OFF both are considered a potential disaster in the making. You want ON/AUTO.

    I would seperate the bilge pump switch from the livewell.

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  • Guest
    Guest started a topic Installing FLoat Switch for Bilge-gctid373867

    Installing FLoat Switch for Bilge-gctid373867

    Hello Everyone

    As much as I love my boat in the marina 6 months out of the year, I hate it also! Im in Ny and as i type It has been raining all day. Sometimes i have to go check out my boat or lose sleep. thinking it will be under water from the rain!!! lol. Dont laugh Im sure you guys feel the same....

    I did have a float switch when i first bought the boat but the problem was it was not installed properly. As of right now the bilge pump for down in the cabin area is on a two way switch, Up is for the livewell and down is for the bilge pump. I hooked the float to the wires for the bilge, but i couldnt turn on the bilge at any time to pump the water out. It would have to fill up until the float rose and the pump turned on.

    i want to install new float tomorrow. Here is how Im going to do it, advise me if there is any other way. Install the float and bilge pump to a new two way switch, pigtail the wires from the float to the bilge pump. When I leave the boat turn the switch down to power the float and when im on the boat turn the switch up to turn on the pump at anytime.