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what commisioning needs doing before launching after winterising-gctid373608

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    what commisioning needs doing before launching after winterising-gctid373608

    Hi i have a 2000 2455 ciera and would like some help on what to do to commision her before launching this year.

    I have looked through pages of the site but can't find out what the minimum that should be done (don't have a service manual) as it was only bought at the end of last season.

    Also for a reasonable diy mechanic could any of these be done by myself



    Robert, you can do any of this yourself, IMO.

    However, it will help if you were to know what all had been done during the winterizing process.

    I would not assume anything, unless you have the paperwork to support it.

    Start with the sea water pump impeller. Some install a new impeller upon winterizing. IMO, this is not the time for a new impeller.

    See what was done.

    Find all low point drians.

    May be P/S oil cooler plug, engine block plugs (if RW Cooled), exhaust manifold drain plugs, etc.

    Make sure that all plugs are re-installed.

    Do not assume that engine drive coupler alignment is up to date. Pull the drive and check this, unless otherwise noted.

    The rest is fairly easy, and with little risk of damaging anything.
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      Thanks 6 months ago coolant flushed and filled with anti-freeze engine fogged, year before that it had a full service with all oils and filters, and electrics changed.

      So what should i do now before its launched for the summer