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    i have just purchased my first Bayliner 2855 ciera and was wondereing what size outboard would be sufficient to add to it LOA 30ft 5.7 Mercruiser outdrive

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    Hi muz, there have been a few threads about kicker/aux motors but to generally summarize them; you will never get more than displacement speed which will likely be around 7kn and to do that will require a high thrust outboard (larger diameter low pitch prop and greater gearbox ratio to spin it slower) with a power of about 15hp. The 20-30hp motors are in the next weight grade up and won't make much difference so the 15-18hp are generally optimal.

    Do you have a kicker mount already or do you need to add one of those too?


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      need to add one o those too plus ive been looking at some on ebay and theres a choice of long standard and short which one do i choose


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        Don't buy anything w/o some serious research on mounting and steering. Shaft length must get the prop below the hull for max effectiveness. Take a look at panther products. If you don't have a swim platform to work around their heavy duty four stroke lift bracket with a 15 hp high thrust long shaft power tilt elec start remote is a starting point of reference. It can be attached to the outdrive if you have outdrives with an ez steer bar or separate autopilot if you have too much money.

        In short, take a while to make sure your ducks are in a row.


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          What did you end up doing? I am curious about this as well. If you added the mount and engine, would you kindly post pictures? :arr


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            I'd recommend taking a look at the Tohatsu 20HP kickers.Tohatsu are the largest outboard manufacturer in the world and make both the smaller Mercury and Nissan engines. The Mercury Bigfoot 15 is the Tohatsu engine painted black. The 15Hp and 20Hp engines are identical in weight and displacement with some tweaking to the carb jets to get you the greater horsepower. I've got this engine with a High Thrust prop setup, power trim/tilt and electric start. As a major bonus, this engine has a 12A alternator where most of the competition have 6-8A alternators which means it will recharge your batteries twice as fast. The other bonus is that these engines feature a pull start built in -- so in an emergency you can easily get it started and get home. The engine can be ordered with a tiller or full remote setup -- I have the remote setup and mounted it inside the cockpit on the transom.As for steering -- I found a nice setup from a company called RemoteTroll. They make a bracket that mounts on the swimstep (RT-85). The entire bracket pivots and is controlled by a 12V actuator that comes with either a wired or wireless (or both) steering control. It is fantastic for trolling. I found the RT-85 to be more cost effective than the Panther as the mounting bracket is included. Installation was very simple and took me a few hours.Go with something in the 15-20Hp range. They won't make the boat go any faster, but the extra HP helps with steering on windy days.