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Anyone used a RiverRunner propsaver?-gctid373008

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  • Anyone used a RiverRunner propsaver?-gctid373008

    Was looking at this 'RiverRunner' to protect the prop and skeg in shallow rocky water on my 175, but was wondering if anyone has used these or can speak on any performance impact, i've seen a couple reviews that said speed dropped, in some cases significantly, after putting this on. Maybe there's a better alternative to protect the prop or should I just get a skegguard and be done with it? I've seen them at BassPro and Gander, and some boating mags, but it seems they're more for fishing boats that don't care about speed/performance as much as people that ski/tube with their boats...

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    I use a similar product but they're more skeg savers than prop savers, you might want to consider a full 'prop guard' which encloses the prop and is supposed to improve performance and directional stability as well as protecting the prop from all directions. They come in assorted sizes for outboards and sterndrives.

    If you Google search for "propguard" there are quite a lot of design variants, hopefully somebody here will have some experience with them, a couple of random pics from the web are below: