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Trim Tilt Cylinder seal leak, Repair or send it out?-gctid372864

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    Trim Tilt Cylinder seal leak, Repair or send it out?-gctid372864

    I've searched everywhere and can't seam to find a lot on the lower unit tilt cylinders. i have one leaking at the seal and was wondering how hard a job it would be to replace the seal myself or if I should just send it out.. any special tools needed to get the end of the cylinder open to get to the seals? And whats the process with getting oil back in the lines without trapping air?

    My boat info is below, if anyone could give me a little insight would help.



    Well since I got so many responses on the last thread lol, I found some trim cylinders for $100 guarenteed to operate with no leaks. So my next question is, I'm pretty sure I can get them on, but haven't a clue how to fill the system with oil and bleed the lines. Any one done that before? Any help would be great. I've done break lines and figure the proceedure is simular but, would like a little insight.

    Thanks again,

    Don't all answer at once.... lol



      I replaced one on my old 195 that had a cobra drive on it. All I did to bleed the system was run the trim up and down until it bled itself - making sure that the reservoir never went empty.


        If it is just the seal on the shaft it should not be a problem, the internal workings are much different to deal with if you need to pull the back off, find a service break down and look at it, I rebuilt my 702 wagner, 2x to get it right. you could send it out for repair, but as a previous post stated, there are good deal to be had, find the model number and the size in cubic inches the pump is and look on ebay, I have seen new ones go for less than 1/2 in recent months.

        Some on this site do not like ebay, I aleays look at the rating, and the number of sales, stay in the 95%+ and you will be good, also; paypal is better now days since ebay bought them about keeping the sellers inline.
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