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    Anyone know the specs on a stock fresh water pump in a 2850? I tried to install a big GE water filter on my system last summer and the pump couldn't push more than a trickle of water through. I am considering taking a shot at it but wondering what I should upgrade my water pump to.


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    We've tried all sorts of filters, they all work initially, then go to a trickle like you say. I don't know of any boat pump that's up to the job, even for the small faucet filters.

    We ended up taking a standard GE house filter, putting it on a block of wood and filtering the water as its put on the boat. Only use it when we know dock water isn't up to snuff. We lived on the boat for 3 months and used a 50 to 100 most days, so that meant we had 'fresh' water in the tanks all the time and didn't need to filter it.

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