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    Fuel tank-gctid372560

    Last time the boat was out it developed a significant fuel leak. It's a 1995 24ft Trophy. After a close look at all the possible problems, it looks like the tank is leaking. It also looks like the tank is sealed beneath the cockpit floor and you either cut the floor away or remove the engine to get at it. Anyone know anything about it. Thanks


    I've not had this problem yet myself, but there are postings on this site about others having this problem. Cutting the floor out seems to be the only solution. Do a search and I'm sure you'll find a step by step, and what to avoid when you re-install.
    Bob Hawes.
    Kelowna, B.C.
    1998 Trophy 2052 WA
    4.3 Vortec, A1 G2


      John L did a extensive photo story of replacing his tank in his 2452. It will give you an good idea on how to go about it.

      On the BOC site go to the;

      Main Gallery

      BOC Gallery

      Page 3

      John L

      2452 (93) fuel tank replacement

      There was some one else who did a repair inside his tank with Por 15 last year. sorry cannot remember his name.

      Good luck