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Bayliner 2452 repowering with diesel engine-gctid372398

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    Bayliner 2452 repowering with diesel engine-gctid372398

    Hello every body,i have a 2452 model,today fitted with 350MPI,and would repower with a diesel engine of 200/300HP for consumption mainly!

    Please could somebody help me or made such change on this boat?Wich engine suggested between Volvo,Yanmar,Mercruiser/cummins?Did somebody experience Hyunday Seasall engine?I'd like to use my current bravo 1 drive wich is in very good condition,what is your opinion?

    Many thanks for your help


    Hi, I've just finished a diesel repower on a 24ft bayliner trophy hard top 1988, I went for an already marinised GM V8 6.2l non-turbo with a VP 290 DP

    The GM engine is 170 hp as opposed to the original OMC 5.0l which was (i think) around 230 hp

    With the OMC engine, the boat got to around 33knots and got on plane easy

    With the GM engine I could only manage 27knots, still got on plane easy, but engine was revving out (dont know exact rpm's as tacho doesnt work properly, which is another issue)

    The props I used were A3's, these were an educated guess by a VP technician, however, I think A4's or even A5's would be a better choice as the engine maxed out at WOT quite easily, with that in mind 30 knots is probably quite acheiveable

    Didnt go for anything newer with a bigger HP as that was all my budget would stretch to (total cost was about £3500-£4000)

    Its not a straight forward job (one out, one in, plug and play) by any means, but certanly do-able with the right friends and some mechanical know how

    If I can help in any way, or if you want any more info, give us a shout and I'll try (I'm just an eager amatuer, not a pro like a few on here)


    24 ft Bayliner Trophy hardtop 1988
    6.2l GM V8 N/A diesel with a Volvo penta 290 DP


      Calculate the conversion cost (a lot of $$$), how much you run and how much you expect to save, and see how long the payback will be.

      My guess is that you will not every acheive an ROI on this kind of a conversion if the current engine is good, UNLESS you can sell it for a great price, and get a smoking deal on the new engine.

      I doubt seriously if it will ever pencil out as a "savings" strategy, but that's MHO...I could be wrong.

      Now if the current engine was bad, and you had to spend 4 grand anyway, then it may be worth your while.


        Wow, this is the third or fourth Diesel repower thread this month, and we're only in the middle! This Diesel repower thing must be contagious.

        For what it's worth, the cost issue is always going to be receiving the same response: "You will never make your money back." "It'll cost you more than your boat is worth." "You'll be in a money pit."

        Diesel engines clearly have their advantages over gas engines; and have their disadvantages as well. Please tell us more about your goals so that we can provide you with more relevant information.

        You mentioned one of your goals is consumption. I'm guessing you are referring to fuel consumption. if this is the case, are you seeking to get more range or to save $$ at the pump?

        You also indicated you are looking for something in the 200/300 horsepower range. This is a huge range to be working in and the options here are endless. Before you propose a range, it is first important to find out what your desired cruising speed will be so you can determine how many horsepower you actually need. There are some great "horsepower required" calculators out there that use the weight of the boat, hull type, waterline length, engine/drive type, etc. to determine how many horsepower is required to push your boat. Try's calculators. After you determine what is an appropriate horsepower, you can begin looking at engines.

        How much are you looking to spend? If you are seeking a Diesel to replace your 350 MPI and give you equivalent performance, it is going to be very costly.


          Doesn't being in Europe skew the equation a little bit, it seems like most of the guys that do it are over there and there's some factors that come into play for them that don't apply here in the US and visversa.


            Many thanks,

            being in Europe,France,the price/ltr of gasoline is around 2,36 usd and diesel around 1,83usd,so fuel consumption become very critical here!

            In top we have yearly taxes applied on gasoline engine around 2000Usd for my boat versus 1000Usd for diesel engine!

            Does some body experienced fuel consumption reduction at 20 knots ?some mecanics are speaking about 50% reduction average for a good diesel commun rail diesel engine,what is your opinion?

            Many thanks


              We here is the US should not be applying our standards to our friends over the pond. Their situation is much different as noted in a previous post.

              I don't think you will see a 50% reduction in fuel used if the performance is the same.

              Where a diesel will do very well is at hull speeds. Even more so if compared to a gas engine with a carb.

              If economy is the goal, slow down. Way down. If you see white water in your wake you are going to fast.

              Study magazines that do boat tests. You will see a pattern that is true with any boat. As soon as you shove that throttle forward, your consumption goes up fast.

              The tax saving alone in Europe would pay for the conversion in a few years. I now understand why there is so much conversion there.

              As always no one thinks about this as an investment. You get a return when you sell.

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                I have looked into diesel in the UK. Yes, we are taxed to absolute hell but this is known by the diesel industry so their products (engines) are price inflated to what the market will take. A diesel engine is so expensive to buy that you wont see a return in investment for 50 years.

                It is the same argument with buying a new boat. Diesel powered boats are more expensive than gas boats to the level whereby if you buy the gas equivalent of a diesel boat you will have thousands of pounds to spend on fuel with the saving. When I bought my 2452 (for £12,000) I saw an equivalent repowered diesel boat at £24,000. My kids and myself will be spending my savings on fuel for 100 years.

                If money was no option, I'd have a diesel everytime though. Just because the tax situation in the UK favours diesel dramatically. Boaters do not pay the full road-fuel levy on diesel as 60% of the fuel is for heating :right. But, you can still buy a whole load of fuel with difference in costs.
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