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Last ditch effort to preserve strataglass-gctid372369

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    Last ditch effort to preserve strataglass-gctid372369

    The camper top on our boat is currently undergoing much needed mending to try to preserve it's life a couple of more years. I am hand stitching the decayed seams on the Sunbrella material with sail thread and now hope to do something to lengthen the life of the strataglass. Based upon previous forum postings, I am going to try some headlight restorer to try to bring the front panels back to some sort of clarity. I have also noticed a couple of tears in the front panel strataglass and am thinking about using some RV awning repair tape in an attempt to mend those areas. Any BOCers done anything similar or have a better idea??


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    They probably aren't tears, they are cracks. Between the opacity of the material and the fact that it has probably gotten very brittle, I think new curtains are in order.
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      Gotta agree with 706jim - restoring clarity and/or life is probably a losing battle. I wouldn't use the headlight cleaner as there is a sustantial difference between the vinyl used for your connectors and the Lexan or similar used in headlight lenses and I'm guessing the cleaner would only make the situation worse. Really the best thing is just a good wash with soap and polishing with regular Pledge.


        I had the front 3 windows replaced on mine at shop for $200 or so

        Course the canvas itself was still in great shape so worth putting the mony into

        No way was I going to try to do myself since my sewing skills are very limited