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1997 Trophy 2002 FF WA - Downrigger and Rod Holder mounting question.-gctid372163

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    1997 Trophy 2002 FF WA - Downrigger and Rod Holder mounting question.-gctid372163

    Hi All,

    This is my first post. But, I have been lurking in the background for quite some time learning more than I ever wanted to know about boats and motors. Thanks to all!! This forum is outstanding!

    I even hate to bring this topic up again. I know it has been covered many, many times. But, I just wanted to get some feedback specifically on the Trophy 2002 regarding ideas on the best placement and mounting options for downriggers. I know there are some folks on this forum that have done this. And, I have looked at their pictures. But, there are not alot of photos shot specifically of the top side of the gunnels. I'll be mounting a single downrigger on each side. The way the boat is designed, about my only option is off the aft gunnel on each side. I kinda like to run my riggers off the side just to make darn sure nothing gets in the prop.

    1. For the aft gunnel on each side of the splashwell, I was thinking of a track system, like Berts or Traxtech. I could fit at least a 12 inch track there. There is an access door on each side so one could put in a backing plate. This could serve dual purpose as I could get some rod holder mounts when not chasing salmon on the Great Lakes but just pleasure fishing on the river/smaller lakes. Would the tracks have the strength to handle the downrigger? Our would this not be wise?

    2. The port and starboard side gunnels have a long chunk of aluminum held to the fiberglass with a few screws. Not sturdy enough for a downrigger. That's for sure. It has single rod holder already but it isn't real sturdy. I would like to add a second one though. So, that is probably a no brainer. Any thoughts would be appreciated though.

    Like I mentioned, I have done alot of reading and searching for ideas. I just want to make sure I do it right before I get the drill out.

    When it stops raining, i'll grab a few pictures of what the real estate looks like. My main goal is flexibility since this boat is also the family pleasure and river/smaller lake fishing boat.

    Thanks in advance!


    Theres alot of ways to do this and theorys of the best way to do it.

    For this size of boat, I prefer side mounting the holders/DR's and having a single pole holder only dead center of the stern which you only run longline, then the DR"s on the side go deeper and at a steeper angle to minimize tangles. Mount the DR's forward enough that the line will sweep back and rub against the corner of the transom before getting too close to the kicker motor if equipped. On pole holders, you can use #12 stainless screws to attach them. The bigger ocean reels have drags of ~25#'s so there is not that much force put on the holders. For the DR's it's best to run a good sized aluminum or thick UHMW (plastic) backing plate at least 12" long inside the gunnel and thru bolt everything with large thick plate washers.

    If your DR's come with pole holders, I still mount a set of holders aft of the DR's so you can have the pole closer to you as you operate the kicker, and also have the option to double stack poles on one DR if you're proficient at running them.


      1995 2002 W/A Trophy with Cannon Mounts & Downriggers -- Plus a Scotty Style mount for the Brutus Pot Puller. The height of that Cannon Pedestal is what makes it work so well. When a fish trips the DR, you rush aft and grab the pole at just the right height to really set the hook. No wasted motion. I have not had any problems (knock on Wood) tangling DR wire or tackle in props (main & kicker) or trim tabs. If you go Cannon, definitly lope off the Cannon plugs and go Scotty style plugs. And, another little electrical trick I rigged up is to power my Butt Rods (Penn/Elec-Tra-Mates) with Scotty style plugs using the DR Outlets. :arr I used to have the Cannon Gimbal Mounts for the DR's but they were a problem docking and fishing.


        Thanks for great feedback! JohnQ, I seem to recall having run across your photos before. Thanks! That is basically where I had envisioned mounting the downriggers. I was surprised to see your pot puller (I won't have one) mounted over that aluminum piece. It doesn't seem to be real sturdy on mine.

        Is a track system like Bert's or Traxtech just not practical for downriggers? I've never attempted to use them before. Any thoughts? Depending on the length of the track, it would mean a few more holes in the boat which doesn't thrill me much.



          I've also mounted my downriggers (flush mounted, not on poles) at the outer edge of the transom (I also have one dead centre for really slow days). This has completely eliminated cable/ prop problems. I've also mounted a rod holder (Scotty) directly onto the downrigger arm. It gets everything out of the way, and there's no need to drill any further holes into anything. One other advantage of this setup, is that you get a double bounce (rod and downrigger arm) when things start happening. I usually find that I can be quite dozzy and still detect a hit before the reel takes off.
          Bob Hawes.
          Kelowna, B.C.
          1998 Trophy 2052 WA
          4.3 Vortec, A1 G2