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How do you test a Faria Tachometer...-gctid371950

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    How do you test a Faria Tachometer...-gctid371950

    my 2005 Bayliner 175 B/R w/ 3.0l tach does not work. Before I buy an expensive replacement is there any testing that can be done to prove that it is the gauge that is defective? On the Faria website there is a troubleshooting guide. I followed it and it says to replace/repair. Any help is greatly appreciated. Joe

    Joe, short of having the proper Faria testing equipment, about the only thing that you can do as an owner, would be to check the tachometer circuit from the ignition to the actual tach connection. Remove the connection at each end point, and perform a continuity test on this lead.

    Or, temporarily circumvent the Faria tach in lieu of a test tach, see if the test tach works.
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      Hello Joe,

      I have a different boat, '90 2755, but I had Faria tach problems also. If worse comes to worse, go to this site:

      Click on "Technology/support" Then click on "Gauge Repair." Fill out the form and mail it and your tach to Faria. I have a 4" tach with a larger, square plastic bezel on it. The bezel is held by four plastic arms underneath and the bezel cannot be removed unless you break the arms. Which I did. I also sent in the speedometer. Both are 22 years old, but I wanted to retain the original appearance and to match the other original gauges. Faria rebuilt both, replaced both lenses and both bezels, actually everything looks brand new, for $55 for the tach and an additional $18.00 for the Speedometer, includes return shipping.

      Some people have complained about Faria gauges, but for my money, that is outstanding service. Here is a picture of the returned gauges:

      Attached files [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/675503=26570-DSCF0377.jpg[/img]